Noraa Shuttering Ply

Noraa film face shuttering ply is a favourite amongst Builders ,developers and contractors. Extra compression Leads to better nailing and screw holding properties. The load bearing capacity is also enhanced. Noraa Film face shuttering ply is manufactured from veneers of Well selected and strong hardwood. It is bonded with high Quality liquid phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin, Manufactured at our resin plant confirming to IS 848:1994 Pressed with thermal setting hot press and treated with Special quality preservatives. This unique process makes It ideally suitable for nailing, screw holding & heat resistance To bear the toughest conditions. This product has astrong Load bearing capacity ,which prevents swelling during shuttering Works. The reusability of noraa film face shuttering ply makes It a popular choice for users who want full worth of their investment.

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Suitable for all shuttering system: wall form, table, tunnel, special casting, Columns, beams, cast-in-situ and slabs or any kind of vertical and horizontal concrete Frame works.

Techical Details (IS: 4990)

Moisture content 5-15% 8-10%
Glue shear strength
Dry state 1350 N 1525 N
Wet state 1000 N 1200 N
Adhesion of plies
( Knife test)
Pass Pass
Tensile strength
Along the grain 32.5 N/mm^2 45 N/mm^2
Across the grain 22.5 N/mm^2 38 N/mm^2
Modulus of elasticity
Along the grain 8000 N/mm^2 9000 N/mm^2
Across the grain 4000 N/mm^2 7000 N/mm^2

Noraa guide to get maximum repetitions:
• Do not drag from height           • Dry film face panels before storing           • Store on a flat surface           • Clean both side surface after use           • Apply mould oil after 3-4 uses           • Use sealant on cut edges           • Use putty in the nail holes.