Noraa Gold 710

Noraa marine ply is made from selected timber which is bonded with the best quality boiling water proof PF resin under high temperature and pressure. as a result Noraa marine ply can withstand tough climatic conditions, alternate dry and wet weather of coastal areas. The final product is treated with high quality preservatives and undergoes rigorous quality checks by technically trained professionals. although, routine vigilance of quality is done at every step but the Noraa team makes sure that every piece undergoes double checking its highly competent staff.

Kitchen cabinets, bathroom paneling, bus & truck bodies, Railway coaches, interiors of ships& liners, heat exchanges And other interior and exterior wood working needs.

Technical details( IS:710)

Moisture content 5-15% 7.2%
Glue shear strength in dry condition 1.Individual min
1078.7 Newton
1450 Newton
2. Average min
1323.9 Newton
1700 Newton
Glue shear strength after wet condition 1.Individual min
784.5 Newton
1250 Newton
2. Average min
980.7 Newton
1420 Newton
Glue shear strength in mycological test 1.Individual min
784.5 Newton
1120 Newton
2. Average min
980.7 Newton
1300 Newton
Tensile strength
1.Parallel to grain direction Min 420 Kgf/cm^2 645 Kgf/cm^2
2.Right angle to grain direction Min 250 Kgf/cm^2 395 Kgf/cm^2
3.Sum of both direction Min 845 Kgf/cm^2 1040 Kgf/cm^2