Noraa Flush Doors

Noraa flush doors are made of selected imported hardwood timber which are kiln seosoned stiles and rails are preservative treated to improve its durability. Face veneers are made from selected wood spices which makes smooth surface for laminaties and our mechanised manufacturing process offers uniform thickness without undulation, warping or bonding.

Noraa flush doors are bonded with phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin which provides 100% boiling water proof(BWP) bonding of venners and core. Flush doors are pressed under high temperature and pressure which makes than exceptionally durable and dimensionally stable.

Standard Sizes (In Feet)

6×2.25, 6×2.5, 6×2.75, 6×3, 6×3.25, 6×3.5, 7×2.25, 8×3, 8×3.25, 8×3.5

Thickness (In MM)

30, 32, 35,40 & 45