Noraa Block Board

To ensure our commitment to quality Noraa block boards are made from top quality plantation timber logs, which are well seasoned and chemically treated before being converted into battens. The battens are then sandwiched between two mechanically dried veneers and then hot pressed. Noraa block boards are ideal for good strong support to specially wood work, because we believe that.

Furniture, cabinets, cupboards, roofing, fencing, Bank counters and other interior applications.

Technical details (IS:1659)

Moisture content 5-15% 8-10%
Change caused by humidity Not more than ±1mm Less than 0.6mm
Adhesion of pliers excellent excellent
Water resistant 3hrs at 60°C ±2°C
72 hrs at 100° C
More than12 hrs at 60° C
More than72 hrs at100° C
Mycological test 1 cycle of 21 days Can under go 3 cycles of 21days each without any edge separation.
Modulus of rupture average 40/50 N/mm^2 45/55 N/mm^2
Min individual 34/42N/mm^2 42/48 N/mm^2
Modulus of Elasticity average 4000/5000 N/mm^2 4500/5500 N/mm^2
Min individual 3400/4200N/mm^2 4500/48 00N/mm^2